Thursday, September 18, 2008

Namulonge Redux

During Golf Around Uganda, I played Toro Club with Simon, Bill Reynell, Andy Roberts, Aubrey Price and met Clare Murumba both involved in the Uganda Golf Initiative, a group I'm hoping to help do more outreach with to caddies/youth around UG.

The Kampala-ites in that group are shaping up to be my new weekly match.

Our first game, (Billy, Simon and I) was a hilarious return trip to Namulonge, where we played a mix of Skins/Bingo, Bango Bongo and Match Play, as it was Ryder Cup week.

Next week, we'll go to Lugazi, where Andy, Clare, Aubrey and hopefully new man about town Micky will join Simon Billy and I for a full round and Indian lunch. I'm hoping to convince them to play Bag Raid !!

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