Friday, July 04, 2008

Mehta Golf Club

Mehta Golf Club is one of the best courses in Uganda. The Mehta Group has spent some cash on it recently, renovating and adding to the clubhouse, buying a mower/roller for the greens (they are some of the best in the country) and new, white sand in the bunkers.

The course was ready for a tournament a few days later, so it was in peak shape, I rate it one of the top 2 courses in Uganda at the moment, but complete ratings will be done in early August.

The signature hole for me at least is the 4th, a short, tight driving hole (above left) with a big dogleg left. The second shot may be a blind approach over a deep troublesome gulch to a sloping green (above right).

Most people like the short par 3 ninth/eighteenth (left) with its distinctive bunker in the middle of the green for the last two holes (see left with peacock). Like most courses in Uganda, this one has nine holes you do twice, but Mehta are quickly adding new holes to the existing layout.

Whenever you mention this course in Lugazi, Ugandan golfers always bitch about the hills, and how tired they are when they play there, but it's no worse than the back 9 at UGC, and is actually pretty short, but it is hilly. I'd rather play 18 at Lugazi than the monster length of Entebbe! It does slope a bit, but learning how to hit sidehill lies only makes you a better golfer!

No professional caddies here, but there is always someone willing to take you around. Green fees are 8k, caddy fess 3 to 4, and a HUGE Indian vegetarian lunch at the guest house for 8k. I ate so much I thought I was going to have a hernia.

The look of the new part of the clubhouse fits nicely with the art-deco theme of the old section, and of the Mehta mansion (below), which was also refurbished. I love the peacocks strolling on the lawns, the fountains, etc. I just missed one of Mr. Mehta's visit by a few hours, would love to meet him, and thank him for the facility. Can you imagine being rich enough to build a folly like this? I can! I'll still be buying my sugar from the good folks at Kinyara!

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