Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flashman is alive and well and Ndali Lodge

While in FP, I called Steve, the owner of Flashman, a tiny puppy I found outside my gate one day a few years back. He is now a lovely dog, happy and healthy, living large in a beautiful spot.

Steve is building a new lodge above a lovely crater lake

I can't wait until they are finished, as it will be very nice place to weekend!

Steve, Tricia and I had all been invited to Ndali Lodge for lunch, so after a bit of a delay due to Lulu's Land Rover running out of diesel, we all sat down to a fab lunch

Ndali is a fantastic place to chill, go hiking and eat well. Their website gives a history of the place and the family, their involvement in the community, etc.

Clockwise around the table were Matt, Luke, Clare (our hostess), Simon and Pam's mother, Jane Goldring, Aubrey (our host), Lulu, Pam, Billy, Andy Roberts, Tricia and Steve (and my empty chair), plus a few other relatives whose names I missed (sorry).

In any case, one can swim at Ndali as well.

Lake Nyinambuga also seems quite happy to accept ones old golf balls as a tribute to its beauty.

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