Monday, July 07, 2008

Tororo Club

The Tororo Club is a bit dry at the moment, with small fast, bumpy greens. The course is dominated by Tororo Rock, as is the town itself. It's a basic 9 hole layout that costs 3000 to play and another 3k for the caddies.

I played this course with my new pal, George Magambo from Mbale, who took an inordinate liking to my driver and putter. Folk in this part of the country are desperate for clubs, my caddie whined the whole time about his lack of equipment (and school fees).

It's a basic par 72, up and back, fairly flat layout, lots of trees lining the fairways, no water, but lots of sand traps in fairways and guarding greens.

The clubhouse is in need of a coat of paint, and they seem to have an active membership, with the sponsorship of the cement companies who dominate the local economy. I wish they still played the All's Fools Cup, I'd make a special effort to play in that tourney!

The course is mown about once per month. Looking at the idle mower, I couln't help but think what good that piece of kit would do for Mbale!

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