Thursday, July 24, 2008

Murchison Falls; the Ultimate Water Hazard

While at the top of MF, I hit some old balls over the falls, to this "island green". I designed a 3 holer in my head. Since the footbridge has long since been swept away, this course will remain a thought experiment, but what a hole this would be!

4 courses in 4 days seemed a bit rushed, so I gave myself a treat, and overnighted at Paraa Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park.

I am very glad I did, as the place is gorgeous, and full of beasties, including a herd of 37 Tembo at the ferry to Paraa. Seeing this many elephants in one place is unusual at MFNP.

In addition, there are loads of birds, baboons, hippos (this one charged a stupid girl who still has no idea how close she came to being killed), giraffe, antelope of all sorts, warthogs, monkeys, sausage trees and a variety of other lovely things to see and do. (click on small pix to see larger versions).

Elephants come to the swimming pool at Paraa Lodge to drink:

game drives bring you face to face with these majestic animals.

This has got to be the best park in Uganda, the boat trip to the base of these incredible falls, where the Nile rages through a 10 foot defile, is a must.

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