Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kalembe Mines Golf Club, Kasese

Kalembe Mines Golf Club, Kasese

This course actually HAS 18 holes, but unfortunately very few of them are what they call "playable". There are 9 holes open now, but this course is much like Mbale, but it hasn't been given over to maize just yet.

The clubhouse is typical of a Ugandan golf club, in need of a coat of paint, and some general maintenance, but has a lovely bar, darts, table tennis, etc.

20 active(ish) players don't seem to be enough to sustain a club, although KMGC has 3 corporates in the area that could sort this out quickly. Obviously there is Kilembe Mines, which has recetnly had an infusion of cash, according to the newspapaers, Hima Cement, and Kasese Cobalt Company Ltd.

KCCL has, until recently been doing the upkeep on the course, but apparently have stopped, as this shot of one of the better fairways shows:

When the grass gets crotch-high and dry, they give it a burn:

The "caddies" here are local lads, who can count on getting one loop per week if they are lucky. The "mzungu" price for greens fees is 5k, and the same for caddies. There is NO caddie day here, and no clubs for them to play with, so they have to play "illegally". The members want them to join, but this is out of their reach at 50k joining fee and 10k per month membership.

There are 52 bunkers on this course, and some fantastic views, but with knee high grass everywhere, it's hard to pick a signature hole. The 6th hole is a good candidate tho, a downhill par 4 with a green that still carries mower tracks.

To be fair, I was told their tractor had broken down, and the course would be cut "tomorrow" with a hired tractor, but as I have heard that at several courses, I am not sure it would actually happen. I played to my 18 handicap here, despite the knee high grass (I only lost one ball due to the use of a forecaddie) and despite having to putt with a 3 wood on some greens due to height of the grass. If this course were in shape, it would be a natural day trip for tourists from QENP or even from Fort Portal

The back side would need a few hundred liters of diesel for the tractor to put right, the photo on the left shows a "green" to the right of the small tree, while the left photo shows a "fairway".

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